We are Shoe Science.

Heeluxe embodies the scientific creation of the most comfortable and best performing shoes in the world. We combine an understanding of anatomy, human movement, and shoe production to develop, test, patent, and license footwear innovation.

Luxe Lab:

The Luxe Lab is a private science center for footwear research.

We specialize in replicating the environments that shoes are used in. Our facility has some of the most advanced tools to accurately study footwear in the world and is continuing to innovate new testing devices.

We have extensive experience in testing running, hiking, turf sports, traction, dress shoes, action sports footwear, insoles, and military boots.

Why Us

  • Industry Leaders in Shoe Innovation and Research
  • Research Driven Marketing Campaigns
  • Fast Results–2 Weeks or Less
  • Huge Database of Testing Results for All Footwear Styles
  • Measurements for Impact, Cushioning, Support, Insulation, Shoe Breakdown, and More!
  • Can’t Find a Way to Test Your Shoe? We’ll Create a New Testing Device

Our Clients

  • Teva
  • New Balance
  • Hoka
  • The Walking Company
  • Klone Lab
  • GNL
  • Lalo Tactical
  • BOA Technology