Heeluxe can research every type of footwear, “from hiking boots to high heels,” as we like to say. The Heeluxe team also works with companies to ensure that new technology promotes their current brand image and is unique to the consumer.

Current testing tools include:

  • 3D Force Plate Testing (Simi and Kistler): Captures data on impact, cushioning, stability, and propulsion of a shoe.
  • Motion Capture (Simi): Joint movements and how shoes can effect them
  • Upper Fit (Heeluxe designed): Accurately measure how your shoe fits and how to improve fit issues
  • Real Drop tm (Heeluxe designed, patent pending): Weight bearing heel-forefoot drop and cushioning travel
  • Heeluxe Shoe Breakdown (Heeluxe designed): Analysis of how your shoes breakdown with use.
  • Blood Lactate (Lactate Scout): How shoes effect efficiency
  • Heeluxe Traction (patent pending): On body, weight bearing traction testing on multiple surfaces (including dirt!)
  • Heeluxe Hill (proprietary): How footwear changes going up and down hill walking and running
  • Computrainer: Analyzes how footwear changes cycling
  • Rock Garden (proprietary): Rock surface with angles for studying outdoor footwear

Heeluxe can put together a research proposal for your footwear company to meet your specific needs and budget. We specialize in doing research studies quickly (<2 weeks) and we can work with rough prototypes to finished products. Our extensive database of shoes that we have tested ensures that you will know exactly how your shoe stacks up to the competition.

GI test pic