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Five Fit Failures That Almost Every Brand Makes

At Heeluxe, we love helping brands make better fitting shoes. Through our testing we’ve seen a lot of common fit mistakes that almost every brand makes. Here’s a few of our (least) favorite: 1.Shrink it and Pink It: Women’s feet are not shaped like a guys. Yet the footwear industry assumes that women’s feet will…

The Secret to Reducing Online Returns

Online returns are bad. Bad for bottom lines, bad for the environment, and bad for the customer. Luckily, data analysis has taught us why shoes are returned more online (hint: it’s not because the customer ordered multiple pairs knowing they’d return some!).   The best kind of research is one that finds the cause of…

Tips for All Day Comfort

Step in comfort is the key to getting a customer to buy your shoe, but all-day comfort is the key to getting your customer to come back and buy more pairs. One of the unifying factors of fast-growing brands is their ability to meet customer’s needs for all-day comfort, and this post provides an outline…