Over 3 years ago Ecco began a project with Heeluxe to bring customized 3D printed shoes to market. This ambitious project was expected to take much longer than Heeluxe’s 2 week standard. We loved the innovative spirit of the Ecco team and were happy to join them on this journey. Moreover, we have a firm belief that the future of footwear is going to be custom made. Heeluxe is eager to help develop any technology that is going to help revolutionize footwear manufacturing to produce a custom product. that meets the customers needs better and has reduced impacts on the environment.

In the 3 years we have completed numerous footwear studies to validate and optimize the 3D printed shoe sole and the systems that the brand uses to analyze the customer’s walking biomechanics. Our partnership required Heeluxe to ‘think outside the box’ of biomechanical testing in order to help Ecco create something that is comfortable, innovative, and effective. In 2018 Ecco began rolling the new Quant U technology to their stores.

The article below is one of many that were written to showcase the technology for an exclusive event at Ecco’s W21 store in Amsterdam. Dr Gray represented Heeluxe at the event to help explain the biomechanical data collected when a customer completed the walking test. Customers were then presented with a pair of soles that were printed at the store.

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If you are interested in developing new footwear technologies for 3D printing or customization, please reach out to Heeluxe at [email protected] to learn how we can help you reach your goals.