Heeluxe is The Future of Footwear Testing

FMNii and their Footwear Innovation Summits (FIS) have given Heeluxe a venue to share our experience and knowledge with a wide variety of footwear industry innovators from all over the globe. In 2019, Dr Gray was not only selected as a presenter for the event but also as the Host of the Los Angeles,USA, and Dongguan, China, FIS events. With an engaged crowd, Dr Gray brought the excitement that comes from the passionate group of scientists focused on creating better shoes at Heeluxe. The talk, titled “The Future of Footwear Testing”, featured a quick breakdown of why testing is failing certain brands (DATA IS DEAD) and how we can all work together to create machine learning systems for better shoe testing for everyone (ANALYSIS IS ALIVE!). The talk was well received by current Heeluxe research partners and brands we were meeting for the first time.

Dr Gray also hosted 2 panels at the each event. A particular favorite of all in attendance was the Changing Face of Retail panel at the end of the Los Angeles FIS. Featuring industry powerhouses like Joe Rubio (Running Warehouse), Christopher D Burns (ARCH network), Susan Olivier (Dassault), and Emma Lee (Alibaba), this panel was full of energy, disruptive ideas, and useful tips that footwear innovators can put into practice immediately.

If you’re looking for an exciting presentation on any topic related to Science or Footwear, Heeluxe will bring the same energy to your event as these wonderful FIS events. Please contact [email protected] to learn more.

Heeluxe is The Future of Footwear TestingHeeluxe Dropping KnowledgeChanging Retail PanelHeeluxe Lecture Experts