Heeluxe 10 Anniversary

We’re celebrating the magical “double digit” 10th birthday of Heeluxe. Looking back on the past 10 years brings up many emotions (many of which are familiar to other entrepreneurs) and the one that stands out the most is gratitude. So many amazing footwear brands have trusted Heeluxe with testing their shoes, providing recommendations, and developing new testing methods and their customers all over the world have purchased shoes we’ve analyzed–there is no way we would have a successful business without you. This birthday is as much for all of you as it is for the Heeluxe staff. Thank You.

What does a maverick footwear testing lab do to celebrate their 10th birthday? Well, it is very difficult during the current coronavirus lock down. However, we’re going to keep the party going all year long. Whenever you visit Heeluxe in Santa Barbara, check out a Dr Gray lecture at a conference, have Heeluxe visit your corporate headquarters, or see one of our reports–we’ll be celebrating! Luckily we do not tire of having a good time.

Also for our 10th year the Heeluxe team continues to launch new innovations for the footwear testing marketplace. Some new technologies for this year are eagerly anticipated (hint: ice traction testing!) and others are unknown outside of Heeluxe’s R&D lab. We’ll share news of these as they get closer to launch. Just remember that for Heeluxe’s birthday footwear brands get the presents!

Again, we cannot say THANK YOU enough. Thank you for 10 great years and looking forward to helping you make better shoes for many more.