At Heeluxe, we know that footwear brands love how quickly we can provide them with results for shoe studies. Our standard of “2 weeks or less” for accurate research study results cannot be matched, and that is why footwear brands have trusted Heeluxe with 53 shoe research studies in the first 9 months of 2016. At this pace Heeluxe will certainly beat 2015’s record of 63 studies completed in a year.

We are honored that 19 different brands have completed research studies with us in 2016 so far. We have tested everything from, “High Heels to Hiking Boots,” as we like to say. This year Heeluxe has branched out to include thermal testing of shoes, traction testing on ice and “Frozen Trail” surfaces, and our Time Machine rapid durability tester.

Whether you are an established footwear brand looking to maintain the fit and comfort that your brand is known for or an upstart brand with a new technology that is going to revolutionize athletics, Heeluxe looks forward to working with your brand to make the best footwear products possible.

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