Heeluxe is passionate about creating better shoes for everyone in the world. We work on this mission by completing research studies in 2 weeks or less and making sure these research reports are valuable to the footwear brands that request them. In 2018 we set out to work with more footwear brands, increase the number of studies that footwear brands perform with us, and increase or test offering to serve more areas of the footwear world. From January through December the team of scientists at Heeluxe completed 112 studies, more than we have every completed in a 12 month period! These tests featured over 480 test participants and over 500 shoes. Here’s a few more fun facts about the tests we completed in 2018:

2 Golf Tests (one in December, that’s why we LOVE Santa Barbara)

Over 30 Hospital Employees participated in occupational shoe testing

48 different footwear brands used Heeluxe for shoe testing (9 brands were new for Heeluxe in 2018)

1 Kids Shoe Study in a Park

13 Professional Basketball Players tested with us this year

1 World Record Holder tested with us!

2019 will be another big year for Heeluxe as we launch our new KITT Traction Test and continue to grow our fit testing partnerships. If you would like to work with Heeluxe in 2019, please contact [email protected]