There are a lot of opinions about when to replace your running shoes. 300miles? 500 miles? 3 months? 12 months? There are no standards for replacing running shoes that have ever been backing by science. Time to put Heeluxe on the case–we’re the shoe science experts!

As you will see in the videos, there actually IS a science to when to replace your running shoes. The first video explains why shoes break down in certain areas, and how your running speed and your body weight can influence the shoes breaking down. The second video shows your the EASY way to tell if your shoes need to be replaced.

Why replace your running shoes? The Heeluxe staff has extensive backgrounds in working with injured runners and there are countless times we have seen an injured runner get “cured” by getting rid of their old running shoes and slapping on a new pair. While there are no science papers to support this, the feedback we get from running store employees is that they see the same thing very often. What Heeluxe has found is that shoes do not tend to wear evenly, meaning your feet tend to lean inwards or outwards as they break down.

Please watch the videos, and remember to replace your running shoes!