The Heeluxe team started 2017 with a goal: to complete over 100 shoe tests in the year. By December 31 we completed 105 tests in the calendar year. More importantly, all research studies were completed on time and we have many satisfied clients.Here’s more fun facts from 2017:

  • 105 studies completed
  • 43 different footwear brands used Heeluxe in 2017
  • In December we completed our first multi-continent research study
  • We tested more kids shoes in 2017 than 2012-2016 combined
  • Our Time Machine rapid durability tester surpassed 10 million steps in October
  • Income increased 43%

All of these amazing feats would not be possible without the incredible teamwork from the entire Heeluxe staff. This year everyone knew what jobs they had to do and worked at 110% to ensure we hit our goals.

We are looking for an even bigger year in 2018 as we prepare for the official launch of our sensor sock, partner with amazing new footwear brands while taking first class care of the brands that already trust us with their shoe testing, and finish up new R&D projects for traction testing. Stay tuned!