SmartLast Shoe Fit

Footwear brands need fast answers about shoe fit to stay efficient and competitive in today’s footwear market. Relying on subjective feedback in the factory, brand office, or retail store takes too much time and fails to clearly identify the fit issues with a shoe style. SmartLast is now available to all footwear brands to be your digital fit tester.

SmartLast is the fastest way to accurately measure shoe fit. This system produces consistent fit data anywhere in the world in 30 seconds. Data by itself is ‘dead’, so the scientists at Heeluxe incorporated our easy to understand reports into the analysis toolbox on every SmartLast. This means that you can have the data you need to make better fitting shoes faster than your best fit tester could walk into your building.

Footwear factories, brands, and retailers have been successfully utilizing SmartLast to make better shoes since January 2021. Now this system is available to the entire footwear industry. When you’re ready to make better fitting shoes, please contact [email protected].