Heeluxe has been growing so quickly in the past 3 years that we needed to remodel our office to handle all of the testing! From November 2018-January 2019 we increased our storage capacity to securely manage all of our test shoes, increased our number of work stations for staff to maintain peak efficiency, created a new collaborative work space, and permanently installed our new Kinematic Inspired Traction Test (KITT for short). The new space also features more plants, better lighting, heat/AC, and new management systems for testing. Since many brands are seeing great benefits from using our in shoe fit and comfort testing we made sure that the remodel allows us to do more of these studies that help you reduce returns, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce development time.

We are grateful to all of the amazing footwear brands that have worked with us in this building since 2012. You know that this office has allowed us to be innovators in footwear testing and the new remodel will allow us to ratchet up our work to the next level. Please come visit us in Santa Barbara to see the features of the newly remodeled office…and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see KITT in action!