“HOW DO I KNOW IF THE SHOE FITS OUR CUSTOMERS?” You’ve asked for it, and now Heeluxe has mastered it! Upper fit has been a mystery in footwear. Most footwear brands rely on subjective feedback or examining the outside of a shoe to see if it fits. The time was right for a revolution, and the revolution is Upper Fit Sensors.

Let’s first cover why this is important: Subjective Feedback about upper fit is the least accurate measurement we have ever gathered at Heeluxe. The same could be said for any footwear test facility. We frequently perform tests with identical midsoles/outsoles and with 2 different upper constructions or on 2 different lasts, and our testers will usually say that the uppers feel the same and the midsole or outsole is what is different between the shoes.

How are we supposed to make better shoes if we can’t get accurate fit feedback?

Heeluxe developed a new wireless sensor system that gives us Accurate and Objective Fit Data. We painstakingly developed a system so that we can analyze how different shoes are supposed to fit as well, since a dress shoe doesn’t need to fit like a basketball shoe, and a running shoe doesn’t need to fit like a sandal. So whatever style of shoe you need fit data on, Heeluxe has a way to test it.

Everyone knows Heeluxe is famous for our 2 weeks or less testing guarantee, and upper fit testing is no exception. And our easy to read reports will let you know if your shoe is fitting a 1/2 size small, just right, or a 1/2 size too large.

For more information on how to have the upper fit of your shoes tested, please email [email protected]