Heeluxe and Sensoria are elated to bring the SizeSnap® Smart Sensor Sock to the world of footwear. For many years footwear brands did not have a reliable way to quantify shoe fit. Guessing about shoe fit or relying on subjective feedback created many ‘footwear failures’ due to poor fit, inadequate cushioning, or a generally uncomfortable product. The innovative shoe scientists at Heeluxe created a system to measure shoe fit using small sensors taped to the foot in 2014. This system revolutionized our understanding of shoe fit and led to better understanding of what customers like about shoes. The only problem is that these sensors could only be utilized at Heeluxe’s office in Santa Barbara, CA. Wouldn’t it be great if the sensors could be embedded into a sock that could be applied by anyone, anywhere? That was Sensoria and Heeluxe’s vision for the textile pressure sensor infused Sensoria® SizeSnap® Sensor Sock.

The Sensoria® SizeSnap® Sensor Sock technology built upon Heeluxe’s commitment to understanding footwear fit, cushioning, and comfort and using that information to help make better footwear. By partnering with industry leading experts in wearable technology we created an easy to use wearable system that produces reliable data on how a foot interacts with the shoe. Combining this IoT technology with Heeluxe’s ability to analyze data quickly means that that reports are ready in as little as 24 hours. Our reports will be easy for you and your coworkers to understand so that you can make the data work for you and your R&D team.

We have already used the textile sensor infused sock to collect data for every type of footwear: hiking boots, kid’s shoes, work boots, dress shoes, and more. We’re ready and excited to work with your footwear brand to optimize your footwear. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more.