Amy Krahenbuhl

Business Development Manager

Last school attended/highest degree?
Principia College, B.A. Business Administration


Favorite shoe of all time?
Hoka One One Bondi – they allow me to run in comfort as I start to feel creeks and cracks in the body!


Favorite testing to do at Heeluxe?
Fit and comfort.   It’s the worst feeling to buy a pair of shoes online that don’t fit well and aren’t comfortable.  It’s equally bad to buy a pair of shoes from a store that feel ok initially and then turn on you once you start really wearing them!


If you control the radio, what band/station are you putting on?
Country for sure – there’s nothing like listening to country music and driving on a wide open road! (Obviously not in California)


What activities do you like to do in Santa Barbara?
Mountain biking is at the top of my list!  The scenery is unreal and the trails are gnarly.  Otherwise, I love to cruise around on our e-bikes with my husband and daughter, taking advantage of our always glorious sunny weather.

Favorite book and why?
I’m currently loving all books on WW2 Spies and Double Agents.


If you could be one type of shoe, what would it be?

Definitely a trail riding mountain bike shoe.  They see the raddest terrain and take you on all sorts of cool adventures.  They are always there when you need a pick-me-up to turn your day around or to make you feel alive.  My shoes have been to some pretty amazing places and I’m always grateful for a day spent in my mountain bike shoes.