Hank Mardukas joined the Heeluxe team in 2011. As the first employee of Heeluxe, he provides endless amounts of energy and inspiration to the entire Heeluxe team. His specialty is print and online marketing and he loves social media.

Last school attended/highest degree?
Puppy School

Favorite shoe of all time?
Any of Dr. Gray’s old and smelly running shoes.

Favorite testing to do at Heeluxe?

If you control the radio, what band/station are you putting on?
Anything except, “Who Let The Dogs Out”

What activities do you like to do in Santa Barbara?
Go to Sam’s Doggie Dude Ranch to chase ATVs and roll in horse poop.

Favorite book and why?
The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

If you could be one type of shoe, what would be?
New fluffy Ugg Boots
New fluffy Ugg Boots