Lara Havandjian

Research Assistant

Last school attended/highest degree?
University of California, Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts in Biological Anthropology

Favorite shoe of all time?
Nike Tanjuns, they’ve survived multiple Disney Parks and Europe trips.

Favorite testing to do at Heeluxe?
Hiking studies.

If you control the radio, what band/station are you putting on?
Synth pop or Mariah Carey.

What activities do you like to do in Santa Barbara?
Walking on trails and trying out new restaurants.

Favorite book and why?
Factfullness by Hans Rosling; it is a good reminder to celebrate measurable human progress and innovation while reminding us to remain vigilant for things that need improvement.

If you could be one type of shoe, what would be?

Allbirds Wool Runner Fluffs. Functional yet cozy.