Mufaro Martina Hungwe

Research Assistant

Last school attended/highest degree?
University of Nevada Las Vegas, Masters of Science in Biomechanics

Favorite shoe of all time?

Nike Air Max and Nike Pegasus 35

Favorite testing to do at Heeluxe?
SmartLast and FSR Fit, Cushion and Comfort Testing

If you control the radio, what band/station are you putting on?

Afrobeats and/or Amapiano House station

What activities do you like to do in Santa Barbara?

Eating lunch at the beach, walking down state street on a Saturday afternoon, going to the gym in the morning before work, weekend beach days.

Favorite book and why?

Atomic Habits – James Clear. I love how it explains how small daily habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

If you could be one type of shoe, what would be?

Nike Zoom Ja Fly 3 Track Spike