Do you have a finished shoe or product that needs research to base marketing claims on? Or do you want to see how your product compares to other shoes currently in the market? Do you have a prototype shoe that needs independent, objective testing to ensure it works as good as your hoped? Heeluxe can help you!

At Heeluxe, we re-create the environments that your shoes will be used in. This allows us to get valuable data on how your shoe performs in the real world. If the shoe works great, we’ll show you how. If your shoe needs improvement, we demonstrate why it is failing. Ultimately, we want all of your shoes to be great.

Heeluxe has a variety of proprietary testing processes to effectively and efficiently perform on-body testing of all aspects of your footwear and ergonomic products. Our testing helps you identify:

  • Cushioning
  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Stability
  • Propulsion/Energy Return
  • How you compare to top competitors
  • Flexibility/Movement
  • If your product works the same for men/women
  • Traction
  • And More!






Process Timeline

Company contacts Heeluxe to inquire about testing their product.

Heeluxe provides company with several options for research studies, designed to fit their needs and their budget.

Company agrees to a research proposal and ships their product to Heeluxe, we take care of everything else!

Heeluxe orders competitor product, schedules testers, and collects your data at our cutting edge lab

Heeluxe analyzes your data and compiles the results so they are easy to understand—no un-necessary science jargon in our reports.

about two weeks or less following delivery of your product

Heeluxe presents you with a beautiful report explaining the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

Available Tests:

  • 3D Force Plate
  • LED Motion Capture
  • Pressure Map Insole
  • High Speed Video
  • Lactate/ Efficiency
  • Traction
  • Subjective

Available Analysys:

  • In Shoe Cushioning
  • Impact
  • Acceleration (propulsion)
  • Deceleration (Strain)
  • Shoe Flexability
  • Stability
  • Heeluxe Database *
  • Stance Time