Heeluxe began a Shoe Database in 2012 in order to understand what characteristics make the best performing shoes. The Database recently grew to over 600 pairs of shoes and covers styles of shoes as diverse as high heels, gym training shoes running styles, and sandals. Each shoe in our Database has “static measurements”–including weight and thickness– and “dynamic measurements”–such as cushioning and stability–and “subjective measures” which are how our testers perceive different characteristics of the shoes.

All footwear companies Heeluxe work with has benefited from the  Shoe Database because with each test they can see if their shoe is average, in the top 10%, or bottom 10% of every shoe we have tested in that category. Moreover, the Shoe Database gives Heeluxe the ability to see trends in shoe performance to identify ways that a style can be made better. We can take the information in the Shoe Database and help companies create guidelines in order to make the best performing footwear.

The information in Heeluxe’s Shoe Database is available only to Heeluxe’s footwear customers. Anyone interested in working with Heeluxe and accessing the Shoe Database should contact Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray at [email protected].