Want to improve your footwear testing? Scientists and shoe brands alike want to know how Heeluxe sensor based system analyzes shoe fit. Here are the details of the system to help you integrate it into your own footwear testing.

First—why did Heeluxe create an objective fit test? Honestly, it wasn’t our idea. We listened to numerous footwear brands complain about the inaccuracy of subjective fit measurements or problems with their internal fit and wear testing and decided to fix the problem. It all started when we modified our custom sensors to analyze NBA All Star Kevin Love’s feet…

To paraphrase Michael Jordan, “It’s not about the sensors.” In the case of sensor based fit testing, its all about the system. In the 268 shoe fit tests we have done in the past 5 years (that’s over 1500 people!) we have found this system to be effective, accurate, efficient, and repeatable.

  • Recruit quality test participants. The first step of the Heeluxe process is often overlooked in other test facilities. Heeluxe has a full time team member focused on recruiting and scheduling testers. In a standard 8 person test, we only recruit testers that meet the brands target customer. We match for age, weight, foot shape, activity level, and what type of shoes they frequently wear. No point in testing high heels on a woman that wears flip flops all day every day!
  • Use top level wireless pressure sensors. When our first sensor supplier folded, Heeluxe created a partnership with Sensoria to create a custom wireless sensor system with the most accurate, calibrated, 0.3mm thick sensors available and a lightweight transmitter. This allows us to collect data without altering a tester’s movements.
  • Place sensors on Activity-Specific locations. While most footwear professionals are familiar with ‘static’ fit testing where a tester stands still, most are not familiar Heeluxe’s pioneering work in dynamic fit testing. To get fit data during an activity, Heeluxe validated unique sensor placements for each shoe category and activity. This allows us to test work boots, sandals, and kids shoes without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Standardized analysis system. This is the KEY COMPONENT to Heeluxe’s system. Anyone could go purchase sensors, throw them on a tester’s foot, and get some numbers of data. The true value in dynamic fit testing with sensors is analysis (remember, “Data is dead, analysis is alive!”). Our proprietary system pulls out the key fit measurements from each step and analyzes all of the fit sensors in unison. This paints a picture of how the shoe fits and tells us if the heel is slipping out because of an oversized heel counter or lack of lock down from the laces.
  • Compare analyzed data to database of similar shoe styles. To complement Heeluxe’s analysis, we compare your test results to 100s of similar styles to identify where you fit differently than the competition. Our recommendations will tell you if you need to change your last, pattern, or materials or promote that your shoes are better than the competition.

When you’re ready to upgrade to the best shoe fit testing system available, please contact [email protected]