The team at Heeluxe is working hard on making major upgrades our proprietary Shoe Fit Measurement sensors. One development that we are working on is developing a sock with sensors embedded in it that will make getting on-body shoe fit measurements as easy as putting on a sock and turning on an app.

We are excited that the improvements in efficiency that this system will create in shoe fit testing. Our current system involves manually taping sensors to select locations to the foot. This process is time consuming and requires an expert knowledge of the human anatomy to ensure that sensors are placed in the same location on each test participant. We also recognize that the tape takes up space on top of the foot and many alter shoe fit.

The new sensor sock will save us time during the testing process which will enable Heeluxe to test more shoes in less time. We are also very excited to bring more testing “out of the lab”. With this new system we expect to begin fit testing shoes anywhere in the world: labs, overseas shoe factories, offices of shoe companies, and out in the real world. Heeluxe’s proprietary analysis of this data will ensure that you get the most accurate fit assessment in the world.

Stay tuned for updates on this system. We have early prototypes now and expect to begin shoe fit validation testing in August 2017. The shoe fit and cushioning sock system will be available for testing in early 2018.