We create our own designs which we test for effectiveness, modify to be appealing to consumers, and license to established footwear brands. We have created designs for athletic shoes, dress shoes, insoles, hiking boots, and casual footwear. All of our designs are patentable. If you would like to learn more about designs we have available to license, please contact us.


Shoe companies partner with Heeluxe to provide assistance during the development of their own innovative prototypes. In this process, Heeluxe works with shoe designers to assist with the initial design so that early prototypes are maximally effective. We then test the prototypes in the Luxe Lab against top performing competitors shoes and provide recommendations to improve shoe performance, comfort, and ease of manufacturing. Heeluxe partners with shoe companies through the market release of the shoe and we are able to present at trade shows, work with marketing teams for science backed ad campaigns, and work with sales teams to promote the scientific advantages of the shoe.

Great Brands We Have Worked With

Pearl Izumi
The North Face
United Sports Brands
all birds
Salvatore Ferragamo
Caleres 5 Star