Thank you to all of the footwear professionals from around the world that joined Heeluxe for our Successful Strategies Post-Coronavirus Webinar on Tuesday May 19, 2020 where we focused on how to ‘win’ with ecommerce. Many of you followed up with us to ask great questions, provide insight into how you’re going to use the information from the webinar, and give constructive feedback on the webinar. The team at Heeluxe and I appreciate your engagement and look forward to seeing all of you progress your online and ecommerce strategies in the coming weeks. As promised at the end of the webinar, here are the most commonly asked questions from attendees:


  1. For brands that have tested with Heeluxe already, is it possible to revisit old studies to analyze shoes for likelihood of online success?  YES! This is a wonderful idea for the brands that have tested with Heeluxe already. If you are interested in analyzing past shoes for likelihood for online success, please email [email protected] with the shoes styles you would like feedback on and what month/year they were tested. We will offer this as a complementary service over the next 4 weeks for every brand that attended the webinar.
  2. What is the best computer program to analyze predict online shoe purchase preferences? There is no standard program for this and as of right now we are not familiar with anyone that is offering this service for footwear companies. Heeluxe is currently working on our own proprietary system for this type of testing and will share the with our current research partners when it is ready. If your footwear brand or testing company is offering a valid tool for this type of data collection, please share your experience with Heeluxe. We’ll gladly promote this service to other brands if you wish to expand your reach!
  3. Can custom shoes improve ecommerce performance? In theory, customized uppers and footbeds should increase objective comfort measurements and customer feedback scores. However, we are not familiar of any collection of data on custom shoes that we can compare to shoes in our database. Hopefully this type of information is publicly available soon!
  4. Can foot scan data improve online shoe sales? YES! Having accurate foot measurements AND accurate shape/fit data from shoes improves subjective and objective feedback scores, increases sales, and reduces returns. The key is having accurate tools to measure the foot. Multiple in-store 3D scanners have great accuracy for measuring foot shape. Smartphone based foot scanners have wonderful promise but few have the accuracy needed to improve online shoe sales by matching the customer with the best shoe.

Thank you all for you all for working to make shoes better! Let’s fight the good fight to keep footwear brands and footwear retailers thriving during and after the pandemic and take the best care of our customers!


-Dr Gray and Hank