You’re here to make better shoes. Heeluxe is here to help you.

We work with you through a series of unbiased, fast, innovative tests and provide recommendations on how to optimize your footwear for your customers.


Current testing tools include:


  • Proprietary In Shoe Fit Sensors
  • Proprietary In Shoe Cushion Sensors
  • KITT: Real World Traction Testing
  • Time Machine: Proprietary Rapid Durability Testing
  • 3D Force Plate Testing (Simi and Kistler): Captures data on impact, cushioning, stability, and propulsion of a shoe.
  • Motion Capture (Simi): Joint movements and how shoes can effect them
  • Real Drop tm (Heeluxe designed, patent pending): Weight bearing heel-forefoot drop and cushioning travel
  • Heeluxe Shoe Breakdown (Heeluxe designed): Analysis of how your shoes breakdown with use.
  • Blood Lactate (Lactate Scout): How shoes effect efficiency
  • Heeluxe Traction (patent pending): On body, weight bearing traction testing on multiple surfaces (including dirt!)
  • Heeluxe Hill (proprietary): How footwear changes going up and down hill walking and running
GI test pic