shoe fit

Fit is the #1 problem customers complain about in their shoes and the world famous Runners World Magazine used the expertise of Dr Gray and the Heeluxe team on a new article about getting the best fitting running shoes. We’re always happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained over the last 5 years of sensor-based shoe fit testing. Please read on to learn more about how proper fit makes for better shoes!


Everything You Need to Know About Running-Shoe Size

The fit of your shoe is critical to your stride—here’s how to get it right.

Zero-drop, carbon fiber plates, minimalist or maximalist—runners love to discuss and debate the latest shoe types and features.

Far fewer long-run chats and online forums are dedicated to discussing running shoe size. But how well a shoe matches the length, width, and shape of your feet may actually matter as much as, if not more than, the cushioning that goes underneath them, says Geoffrey Gray, D.P.T., founder and director of research at Heeluxe.