In the September 2016 issue of Shape Magazine, Dr. Geoffrey Gray from Heeluxe was featured in their article, “Supercharge Your Stride.” This article focuses on how to pick out the running shoes that are the best for you, when to replace your shoes, and how strong feet are essential for healthy lifestyles. This is Heeluxe’s first time being mentioned in a major nationwide magazine and we are excited to hear how many people are loving this article!

One of the features that makes Heeluxe different than other footwear labs is that we LOVE to educate the public about foot health with easy to understand lessons. Whether we are featured on national television programs, at corporate speaking events, or in newspapers and magazines, we are always eager to present honest science about footwear and foot health. Everything we do relates to our #1 goal of MAKING BETTER FOOTWEAR FOR THE WORLD!


Click the link to read the article: shape-article

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