However you measure shoe sales, an advanced testing system can help you improve them. Heeluxe’s testing helps many brands increase their sales each year and this post details one brand’s sales success after working with us. All brands can see benefits by following these steps.

One of the biggest challenges we see brands facing is launching into a new footwear category. The following case study is 100% true (although the brand name is not revealed). In 2017 this brand began a 1 year retainer contract with Heeluxe to launch a wellness footwear line.The first goal of testing was identifying details about the target customer. Rather than identify the customer as “Women that want supportive footwear” we created a more specific target market that would later optimize testing, marketing materials, and sales strategies. Our customer identification follows the pattern “Gender + Age Range + Activity Level + Shopping Budget + Preferred Footwear Benefit + Dislikes in Current Shoes”

Heeluxe maintains a robust database of footwear that identifies which shoe features shoe consumers really like and how you can utilize these features. We knew the target customer for this product wanted optimum comfort, so we utilized database measurements on footbed hardness and shape and upper fit to create parameters for the designers of this shoe. With this information the designers and developers worked to create an optimized first round prototype.First round testing identifies weaknesses in the product that must to be corrected before production. We created 3 prototypes, each in a different hardness. Heeluxe’s testing quantified the comfort, cushion, and fit of the prototypes and compared them to top competitors. We only used testers that represented the brand’s target market to create the best data. One foam hardness provided the best comfort, but all samples needed a more secure fit.

The development team created a new sample and another round of testing followed. The new fit support was perfect. The product was ready for launch!

Most testing labs stop at this point. But it is a terrible place to stop. The work is not finished.

Dr Gray traveled to the brand’s sales meeting to support the brand’s internal product launch. Rather than bore the sales team with sheets of data, we focused on 3 findings of our testing that shows where this new product outperforms competitors. This armed the sales team with phrases to help sell the products to retailers. This step dramatically improves the likelihood of a successful launch and higher sales in year 1.

Heeluxe continues to track the sales performance after launch. This ensures that the brand gets incredible ROI and identifies other areas to improve future product. In this instance, the brand had to sell 500 pairs of shoes to see a positive ROI. They’ve sold many more than that in the US alone, and the product has seen great sales volume worldwide. Additionally, the product has an average customer review of 4.8/5 while the top competitor only has 4.3/5. Heeluxe continues to analyze the performance of this product to better help our customers improve performance of future versions.

Better product, better sales, and positive ROI: want to give it a try? Email [email protected] and we’ll set up a plan for your brand.