Most footwear brands don’t know how their running shoe length compares to their competitors.

Requests have poured in for comparison of length for the top running brands in the US. SmartLast’s database is a fast and accurate way to compare lengths.

Length is measured in 2 ways–empty space in front of the toes, or total length of the shoe (aka “stick length”).

Data in this image is from production M9 running shoes sold in the US between Jue 2021 and Dec 2022. Brands needed at least 5 production shoes in our database to be included in this analysis.

Note that the “ideal” length for running shoes based on our consumer testing is 4-16mm of space in front of the toes. All brand’s in this graph have an average length that is ideal, but there are big differences in length between the brands.

Brands can leverage the power of SmartLast in their product development with a monthly testing service. For information on all of the incredible analysis features that are included with SmartLast, and to sign up for our limited Shoe Fit February special, please contact the team at [email protected].

We look forward to helping you make better shoes.