SmartLast by Heeluxe

SmartLast is the fastest way to accurately measure shoe fit. This powerful technology empowers brands to reduce sampling errors at the factory, reduce time to get fit feedback in your office, and provide your customer with accurate information on how your shoe will fit their foot. All of this value in an easy to use, portable, and cost-effective package.

The patent pending technology behind SmartLast replicates the experience of putting your shoe on a human’s foot. This approach analyzes your design’s materials, patterns, and last influence on the overall fit of your customer.

This is shown to improve the overall customer experience and increase customer loyalty.

Shoe Fit Testing Machine
Shoe Fit Testing Machine

The easy-to-use data analysis tools included with SmartLast analyze how your shoe will fit in different geographic regions, compare fit across your size range, and examine how your shoe fit changed over multiple seasons. These powerful insights are obtained in under 30 seconds for each shoe.

SmartLast leverages the power of the cloud to provide your footwear team with unique insights. You will compare your shoe fit to every production shoe, analyze how different product categories fit, and see how the average fit for your brand compares to your competitors.

SmartLast’s cloud features provide your brick and mortar and online customers with the shoes that fit closest to their favorite and most comfortable shoes.

SmartLast Database