Every shoe brand has fit issues. Working with brands to solve their fit issues is what makes the SmartLast system so rewarding. Here are 3 success stories from our SmartLast Promotion, Shoe Fit February.

Stay on Time

Brand T is a casual footwear brand that is updating their product line. SmartLast testing confirmed their C shoes labeled “C” width were actually “D” width and vice versa. By finding this mistake in 1 day, the brand had new samples made and confirmed the lasts were correct before moving onto human fit trials. Solving this problem quickly allowed the brand to maintain their product development timelines.

Fit Better than Competitors

Brand L makes boots and frequently hears feedback that customers prefer the fit of their competitors. In 24 hours SmartLast testing identified how and where their shoes fit differently than their competitors.

This data alone is valuable but does not solve their fit issues. The SmartLast report provided specific recommendations on how to modify their last and upper constructions to fit better than Brand L’s competition.

Size Grading

Brand A is rapidly growing their product line but hear about inconsistent fit based on size. This results in frustration for the developers. They did not know how bad the problem was or how to solve it without weeks spent doing human fit trials.

In 1 day SmartLast testing shows that their women’s 7 footwear has ideal fit for casual shoes, but the men’s 9 shoes are fitting too tight around the toes. Research shows this reduces comfort for the wearer. This fit data allowed Brand A to update their size grading for optimal fit consistency throughout their product line.

Come Join The Party

These 3 success stories are just a few of the ways SmartLast helped brands improve their product development in February 2023. With 100s of shoes added to our database last month there are many more tales to tell.

When you are ready to solve your brand’s shoe fit issues, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected].