In 2019 Heeluxe gave a presentation at the Footwear Innovation Summits in Los Angeles, USA, and Donguan, China, titled The Future of Footwear Testing. 100s of people were in the audience for both presentations and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The Heeluxe team put in weeks of work to make certain that the visuals were as powerful as the content and Dr. Gray’s energetic presentation. Emails and texts have been coming into Heeluxe requesting copies of the power point so that employees of the footwear industry could share this powerful talk with their friends. However, with the rich video content emailing the presentation is not an option. The Heeluxe team now has video reporting services and this also allows us to provide you with presentation content AND Dr Gray’s talking points.

The Future of Footwear Testing presentation is about 25 minutes long and covers why testing is currently broken and how current technologies will allow us to dramatically improve testing in the future. Please enjoy this amazing presentation by clicking the link below.

The Future of Footwear Testing.