Footwear companies have been asking for a test that quickly and accurately replicates how shoes break down in the real world. After 3 years of development Heeluxe created a Time Machine, letting you see how your shoes will look and perform in the future. The is the most realistic shoe durability testing machine currently available on the market. The Time Machine replicates human foot movements so that we can simulate 3 months of running in 3 days or 1 year of hiking or walking in 4 days. The outsole, midsole, insole, and upper all break down like they would in the real world.

If you have ever had issues with shoe durability, or you have a new footwear design and you would like to see how durable it is, the Time Machine is the test you’ve been waiting for.

To learn more about the Time Machine and to schedule your shoe test, please email [email protected].

A very special and heartfelt Thank You to Matt Dubberly and Jackson Reese (Reese Engineering) for their work on this project.