UCSB is known worldwide for their exceptional engineering program. Heeluxe and UCSB have now partnered under the Capstone program to create new footwear technologies and footwear testing machines.

Heeluxe began working with the Capstone program in 2016 as students were working on a novel invention to help prevent trip and fall injuries for people with foot drop. While helping the UCSB Capstone engineers validate their design it was clear that a deeper relationship would help Heeluxe bring new technologies to market quicker and help train young Engineers to create machinery that is quicker, more accurate, and more durable than what is currently standard.

For the 2017-2018 school year Heeluxe is sponsoring 2 projects with the Capstone program. One project is a new traction testing machine for footwear. As many in the footwear industry are aware the current traction testing for shoes is unreliable and biased. Our new machine will re-create the human mechanics of slip and fall injuries AND be able to be tuned to change body weight and walking speed.

The other group of UCSB engineers is working on a new prototype shoe for one of Heeluxe’s footwear partners.

These 2 groups of engineers recently participated in a boat building competition. Please watch this video to see how our engineer groups earned 1st and 3rd place in the competition!