We all want to make better shoes. What if the easiest way to do this was to treat women’s and men’s shoes equally? Data shows us that in 2019, we don’t give as much attention to women’s shoes.

Footwear brands that work with Heeluxe understand the power of our unrivaled shoe performance database. It is used in every research report to compare their shoe performance to a wide array of competitor products so the brand can improve their product. Heeluxe’s database has other value, like being able to show shoe improvements over time or identifying shoe categories that have more opportunity for improvement. A recent review of our shoe database highlighted a problem that is much BIGGER than we ever imagined.

Ever since Heeluxe began our sensor based fit testing in 2014, we’ve found that women’s footwear was not as good as men’s. Since then we’ve been encouraging brands we work with to focus on gender specific footwear. Some of our brand partners have and in return they’ve had increased sales and success with women. However, despite these improvements, we’ve uncovered alarming data that shows women and their shoes receive less attention than men’s. And the result is women have more issues with their shoes.

Please enjoy this short video to learn more. When you’re finished, contact Heeluxe to begin testing your men’s and women’s shoes equally.