Heeluxe is focused on providing women with the best possible experience in their shoes. This mission’s impact on the the entire world of footwear is increasingly visible. 2020 is the year to improve your womens shoe fit. If your brand hasn’t started with this goal now is the best time to get started. A recent article on The Verge features Heeluxe’s Dr Geoffrey Alan Gray commenting on womens shoes. In their fantastic, data driven article you’ll learn how most women’s footwear product is actually built for a man.

The impact of Heeluxe’s efforts and this article in TheVerge are easily seen in the footwear brands. Over 10% of the brands we research are testing equal numbers of mens and women’s product in 2020. We expect more brands to begin as the year progresses. Heeluxe continues to promote the benefits of women’s specific product (hint: you’ll sell more shoes!).

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