Research & Development

Heeluxe  its research data to inspire footwear innovations that help people to be more comfortable, prevent injury, and perform optimally in their shoes. These footwear developments are then patented and then brought to consumers through partnerships with established shoe companies.

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Product Testing

Footwear companies need an independent research partner that they can trust and has experience in testing, manufacturing, and marketing. Heeluxe has worked with many large footwear brands to test their new footwear to gauge performance, areas needing improvement, and how their shoe compares to top competitors.

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Personalized Testing

Individuals that are interested in learning how their body performs can access the Luxe Lab for private testing on a limited basis. Through this testing, participants can learn about their running, walking, cycling, or hiking biomechanics, analyze their VO2 Max and Anaerobic Thresholds, and learn how their body performs with fatigue.

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