Shoe Fit

Heeluxe’s Best Fitting Men’s Shoes of 2019

“What’s the best shoe?” is one of the most common questions footwear brands ask. In this post you’ll learn what are the best fitting shoes tested at Heeluxe in 2019. It is an elite group of shoes that you’ll want to consider when setting fit goals for your product.

Criteria for what makes a shoe the “best” fit:

                   – Must be currently in production (no prototypes or samples!)

                   – All fit sensors must read “GOOD” in all sensor locations.  

                   – 100% of test participants (typically 8) must rate the heel and forefoot of the shoe as fitting “Normal”

                   – Fit is specific to an activity (walking, hiking, jumping, work, etc).

Data shows the best fitting Men’s shoes of 2019 are:

The North Face Ultra FastPack 4(hiking)

Hoka Clifton 6 (running)

Shoes for Crews Falcon (occupational/work)

If you’re curious to see how your shoes fit compared to Heeluxe’s database of 1000’s of shoes, please contact