Shoe Comfort

“Smart” Ways to Measure Shoe Fit

July 12, 2022

How do YOU measure shoe fit?

There are a lot of different answers to this question, but one common thread in every response: There needs to be a better way to measure shoe fit that is fast and accurate. SmartLast is the better way to measure shoe fit.

Heeluxe pioneered sensor-based shoe fit testing in 2015. Since that first test, we never stopped building better systems to make shoe fit measurements better. Footwear brands and retailers wanted a way to get results like Heeluxe’s lab anywhere in the world. And they needed to test hundreds of shoes in a day. There was no system available in the world that could provide this, so Heeluxe created a machine to revolutionize how we measure shoe fit.

SmartLast is Heeluxe’s solution to getting Accurate Shoe Fit measurements, Fast. This easy-to-use system is based around a basic principle: replicate the human experience of shoe fit with the accuracy and repeatability of modern technology.

There is no accurate way to get details on how a shoe fits without putting a foot inside of it, so Heeluxe based this system around an “average” foot shape—just like the one your favorite fit testers and customers have! The SmartLast foot utilizes multiple sensors to measure shoe fit pressure and the empty space around the toes. This creates data just like you’d get in Heeluxe’s lab, but in seconds instead of weeks.

There are 3 places that SmartLast adds value for brands: the Factory, Headquarters, and Retailer. At the Factory, you can quickly test the fit of a sample before sending it to the brand. At the Headquarters, you can analyze the fit of different lasts or different constructions to develop an ideal fit for your brand. And for Retailers you can provide customers with size recommendations or help them find the best shoe that matches up to their foot shape.

Over the next 3 months we’re going to share more details about SmartLast, including Success Stories from the brands that are already using this technology.

Cant wait to learn more about SmartLast? Email to schedule a demonstration and learn how brands like yours are saving money with SmartLast.