Shoe Fit

SmartLast Success Story: Consistency

December 9, 2021

Quality footwear requires consistency, and footwear brands make major efforts to improve consistency in their production lines, branding, and even online experience. But how consistent is your fit testing? If you gave your fit testers the same shoe every month for a year and asked for their feedback, would they always provide the exact same response?

One of the features that customers appreciate about SmartLast is the consistency of measurements. This enables you to compare your current sample shoes to any that you’ve tested in the past. This data allows you to track the improvements of your shoe fit every season with better speed and accuracy than any human wear tester could provide.

As an example of the SmartLast’s consistency, below you will find data collected on a single shoe style every few weeks between May 2021 and November 2021. This shoe is a casual shoe that is a top seller, and it happens to fit very tight on the 5th MTP (outside ball of the foot) and very long. This shoe was tested on multiple SmartLast systems during this timeframe. The numbers in the 2 columns to the right are space measurements in millimeters and the others are pressure measurements in psi. As you can see, the margin of error for each column is +/- 1mm and +/- psi. This difference is equivalent to +/- 1/16 of a shoe size.

The key take-away: SmartLast is going to give you the same consistent fit measurements on a shoe, every time. Can your wear testers do that, with accuracy of 1/16th of a size in 9 locations around the foot?

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