Shoe Outcome

What Makes This Shoe Great: Glycerin 19

May 4, 2023

Heeluxe’s database makes it easy to identify what makes a shoe great. In this new video series, we are taking a deep dive into the data behind the best performing shoes. Today we’re looking at the Brooks Glycerin 19.

Testing Details

All testing on these shoes was tested at Heeluxe’s lab on shoes purchased by us from a local retailer. All data used in What Makes A Shoe Great is property of Heeluxe, LLC.


SmartLast testing is performed on M9 and W8 (US) shoes. Final analysis used M9 shoes only. The Brooks Average is based on production running shoes from the brand tested between 2021-2023. The graph provided is the M9 database with forefoot and toe measurements width measurements. Measurements utilized in this analysis were length (mm), lateral forefoot, medial forefoot, pinky toe and big toe (psi). Shoes are laced to 15lbs of lace tension for consistency across all models.

Hulk Impact Testing

All impact tests are run in accordance with ASTM 1976F standard. Data collection takes place at Heeluxe’s Santa Barbara, CA, lab. 5Kj impact settings used for these shoes. Force (N) and Energy Return (%) peak values used in the analysis of these shoes and the graphs provided in this video.

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